Spectrum Inspired – capturing the spirit of children with autism

Spectrum Inspired is a project from the heart that sets out to capture the incredible spirit of children with autism.

It is a community of professional photographers  with passion and heart for serving others.  Spectrum Inspired is doing amazing things to make photography accessible to families with children on the spectrum. The vision is to shine a light on children who deserve to be celebrated, accepted and understood.  Since April is Autism Awareness Month, the time is right!

I’m so very happy to share that my application to join this project was approved! I am serving as the representative in Minnesota. To be accepted to serve in this capacity is indeed an honor and I am so humbled to be part of this incredible collaboration. But even more than that, it makes my heart so incredibly happy to be able to work with families who might not otherwise have access to or feel comfortable booking a professional session.  

This is very personal to me.

Jamie Cramble Photography - Spectrum Inspired

You see, our oldest son was diagnosed with ASD not quite a year ago.  It’s only been in the last couple of months that we’ve opened up a little about our journey with our sweet, spirited boy.  Having an outlet to share my passion for photography in service of others  makes my heart so happy.  Because I get it.  I get the desire for the world to see my child a little more like I see him. I get that it’s scary to try to do a photo session not knowing what the reaction will be. I get that it’s a luxury that might be out of reach when there are copays, prescriptions and equipment costs to put first.  So this is why I’ve joined this beautiful project.

If you or a local family you know is interested in booking a Spectrum Inspired Session with me, please Contact Me.  I’d love to hear from you!  In celebration of my acceptance to this beautiful project, I am doing my first Spectrum Inspired session entirely free of charge to the family.

If you would like to support Spectrum Inspired, please consider a contribution to the scholarship fund.  Local supporters who donate $10 or more between now and April 30th are eligible to win a free family session. Check out the pinned post at Jamie Cramble Photography on Facebook to enter. 

Thank you for sharing my joy in this new endeavor!


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