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collage of three photos of mothers with the children in black and white

mini session + gift
up to 30 minutes on location
10-15 professionally edited images
print release
one 8×10 archival quality print
custom convertible photo necklace/keychain for mama

 full session + gift collection

up to 1 hour on location
25-30 professionally edited images
print release
archival quality prints: one 8×10, two 5×7, four 4×6
custom convertible photo necklace/keychain for mama

 lifestyle newborn OR Fresh 48 hospital session + mini maternity session
2 hour Fresh 48 or 3 hour lifestyle newborn session on location
40-45 professionally edited images
print release
custom convertible photo necklace/keychain for mama
up to 30 minute mini maternity session on location
10-15 professionally edited images
print release

Terms: MN state sales tax of 7.125% will be added to each session. A retainer of $100 is required to secure the sale price. Sessions can be booked anytime during 2016.  Custom gift certificates are available!

Only a limited number of sessions are available during this FLASH SALE.
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Getting personal by way of a photo project

I believe that one of the most important things to consider when choosing a photographer is connection. When you ask me to take your photos, you are inviting me into your personal space, your heart and your family so I can do my job to document a point in time of your life. I take this invitation seriously and want to share a little bit of myself here to help grow that connection with you.

I’m currently 12 weeks into a Project 52. I focus on personal work there – each week there’s a new prompt. Being a mother and being a photographer are two very important pieces of my life. These roles influence each other in countless ways – as well as the other roles I live out on a daily basis. Last week’s prompt was reality.

First stitches

{12|52} Reality

The reality is that life with three young boys is: never dull, never 100% safe from accidents, and never predictable. It’s also likely to include trips to the emergency room from time to time. This past week, it was our time. Our youngest tripped at daycare and ended up with 5 stitches. Considering that we made it 9 boy years without a broken bone or stitches up to this point is a blessing! (9 boy years = oldest is 5, middle is 3, baby is 19 months)

While I’m a bit sad that his sweet, perfect little face will now have a scar; I hope that he learns to see his scar as beautiful proof that he is loved – loved by his sweet teachers who took such good care of him when he got hurt, loved by his tender hearted daddy who cradled him at the ER and loved by his mama who has kissed his sweet cheeks a million times since then as a measure of comfort.

Amazingly, kids are so resilient. He is healing really well. The stitches were removed yesterday and already the cut starting to quickly fade.



“Through My Lens to Your Heart” – 14 days of giveaways!

2015 was such a good year to me in so many ways – good health, a warm house to come home to, the love of a good man who is an amazing father to our boys, a rewarding & challenging full time job and many friends and family who turned to me to capture their families and special times of the year.


The holidays were so busy – as one would expect – that I simply didn’t have the time to put together a giveaway to give back to clients, friends and the community until this month.  And how fortuitous that turned out to be since a new opportunity came along in the meantime!  If you’ve been following my page on FB, then you know that I’ve signed on to sponsor the “From the Stage to Your Heart” Irish dance performance by Rince na Chroi featuring the Two Tap Trio and Wild Colonial Bhoys.  What does that have to do with a giveaway? I’m getting there! So bear with me as I explain a little more. I loved that the theme of the dance performance fits in with love and February – so, after consulting with Katie, the amazing force behind Rince na Chroi, “Through My Lens to Your Heart”  photography giveaway was born.  It’s been a way for me to spend the first 14 days in February loving on past clients, friends, FB fans and new clients.

Click on over to Jamie Cramble Photography on FB to check it out!  The biggest giveaway yet is still going! And there is more in the works, so be sure to subscribe to the FB page notifications.

Please note that Facebook does not endorse, sponsor or contribute in any way to the giveaway.

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