Color photo of a dark haired woman holding a young boy on her lap.

Dear Mama – Get in the Photo

Dear Mama:
Don’t worry if you are hot and sweaty.
Don’t mind the color of your shirt against the trees.
Don’t think about the fact that you skipped a shower earlier.
Color photo of a dark haired woman holding a young boy on her lap.
Photo credit: my husband
Just grab your kiddo and get in the picture.
Your little ones won’t stay little long.  
Color photo of a mother reading to a small boy sitting on her lap.
Photo credit: my husband
And you know what?
They don’t care how you smell or what you are wearing.
They just want to be with you.
They just want to crawl up on your lap and share their excitement about snakes and other creepy critters with you.
So stop worrying so much about what to wear and spending too much time planning.
Just get in the photo.
I dare you to look at it later without getting teary eyed.
I know I can’t.
You see, the hot and stinky mama in this photo is actually me.
Color photo of a mom with a young boy on her lap looking at a book together.
Photo credit: my husband
I handed my camera to my husband today while we were picnicking in the woods today.
And you know what?
Hours later as I look at this, I don’t see the dark circles under my eyes. I can only see the love and for my baby here.  
And, if I close my eyes, I can smell the pine trees that whispered their secrets to us while we feasted on french fries and chicken nuggets.
Stop worrying mamas, and get in the photo with your babies.
Years and years from now, when you are but a memory to your little ones, they will need to feel your arms around them one more time.
And when they pull out a photo of you like this, they will feel your presence again.  Wrapping them in a love so strong, it transcends time and space.

2 thoughts on “Dear Mama – Get in the Photo”

  1. Sweet story, and important message…especially if you’re the one who usually holds the camera! Beautiful pictures, by the way!

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