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And the winner is…..

Julie Scanlon! Please join me in congratulating Julie on being the winner of the 2017 Rince na Chroi / Jamie Cramble Photography photo session giveaway! Julie was in the audience the night of the From the Stage to Your Heart performance and saw the contest QR code in the program.

Congratulations, Julie! I’m looking forward to planning your photo session!


Irish dancers all lined up sitting patiently on a bench wearing their ghillie shoes.
Some of the littlest Rince na Chroi dancers all lined up patiently waiting for their turn on the big stage at From the Stage to Your Heart at O’Shaunessey Auditorium on 2/18/17.
An artful look at the the audience begins to fill the auditorium
The audience begins to fill the auditorium as the dancers wait in the wings for their big show to begin.

Spectrum Inspired – capturing the spirit of children with autism

Spectrum Inspired is a project from the heart that sets out to capture the incredible spirit of children with autism.

It is a community of professional photographers  with passion and heart for serving others.  Spectrum Inspired is doing amazing things to make photography accessible to families with children on the spectrum. The vision is to shine a light on children who deserve to be celebrated, accepted and understood.  Since April is Autism Awareness Month, the time is right!

I’m so very happy to share that my application to join this project was approved! I am serving as the representative in Minnesota. To be accepted to serve in this capacity is indeed an honor and I am so humbled to be part of this incredible collaboration. But even more than that, it makes my heart so incredibly happy to be able to work with families who might not otherwise have access to or feel comfortable booking a professional session.   Continue reading Spectrum Inspired – capturing the spirit of children with autism

“Through My Lens to Your Heart” – 14 days of giveaways!

2015 was such a good year to me in so many ways – good health, a warm house to come home to, the love of a good man who is an amazing father to our boys, a rewarding & challenging full time job and many friends and family who turned to me to capture their families and special times of the year.


The holidays were so busy – as one would expect – that I simply didn’t have the time to put together a giveaway to give back to clients, friends and the community until this month.  And how fortuitous that turned out to be since a new opportunity came along in the meantime!  If you’ve been following my page on FB, then you know that I’ve signed on to sponsor the “From the Stage to Your Heart” Irish dance performance by Rince na Chroi featuring the Two Tap Trio and Wild Colonial Bhoys.  What does that have to do with a giveaway? I’m getting there! So bear with me as I explain a little more. I loved that the theme of the dance performance fits in with love and February – so, after consulting with Katie, the amazing force behind Rince na Chroi, “Through My Lens to Your Heart”  photography giveaway was born.  It’s been a way for me to spend the first 14 days in February loving on past clients, friends, FB fans and new clients.

Click on over to Jamie Cramble Photography on FB to check it out!  The biggest giveaway yet is still going! And there is more in the works, so be sure to subscribe to the FB page notifications.

Please note that Facebook does not endorse, sponsor or contribute in any way to the giveaway.