Meet Jamie

Thank you to Melissa Soto Photography for the fun headshot session!


Photographer. Storyteller. Historian. Artist. 

Hi! I’m Jamie.  I’m a proud law enforcement wife and mama to three little and sweet boys who inspire me daily to be grateful for the here and now.  I know that  someday these days will be but a memory. And that’s what inspires me to create art and tell your story in photos.

I’ve had a camera for as long as I can remember – first a Kodak 110 in the mid 1980’s and then a Fuji Film 35mm in 1999.  And then digital came along – my first one was an HP point and shoot that came with a printer in 2002 or 2003.  When I met my husband in 2007, he had a Nikon D50 and I fell in love with it.  Er – I mean – fell in love with him.

During that time, my day job required taking event photos (judicial appointments, swearing in ceremonies, employee appreciation events, etc.) with a Nikon D80.  It was an amazing experience and fed my passion for photography. Fast forward a few years to 2010,  when we were getting ready to welcome our first son.  I felt like I had outgrown the D50 and I upgraded to a D90. Truth be told, my oldest son was a horrible sleeper. While I nursed, rocked and snuggled him long into the night, I read up on all different aspects of photography on Click It Up A Notch and Clickin Moms. I practiced what I learned by taking photos to document our daily life. Friends and family also asked me to take photos for them. And then more calls came. With each session I did, I could see my skills growing and feel my style evolving.


Choosing a photographer to work with to take your family photos, capture your newborn’s first hours in this world, create authentic headshots that let your inner light shine or document your love story from courtship to marriage to golden years together is a big decision.  It’s an investment of your time, money, self esteem and faith.  I take your investment to heart.  Even though photography services are a luxury item, I truly believe that beautiful photography should be accessible.

I know firsthand how stressful photo sessions can be for families – especially those with small children  and children with special needs.  I’m patient with the little ones and find ways to connect and engage them so they have fun during our session. Over time, I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks to make things go smoothly. And even when they don’t, I get memorable images.  It’s all part of the story! I prepare for each session to customize it for the family I am working with.

If you get a little teary-eyed seeing your online gallery for the first time or getting a package of prints in the mail from me, then I know I’ve done my job!

Photo of a family of 5 seated on a blanket in a golden field
Our family as captured by the extremely talented Melissa Soto Photography.

If you value beautiful, photography that is a mix of unscripted real-life moments and a few posed and styled images, then we are probably a good fit for each other.  I can’t wait to bring my love storytelling photography to you. I want to inspire you to pause. To document the moments that make up your story. To create beautiful art that will fill the walls of your home and office that you and your family will enjoy for generations.


serving families, children & newborns in the Twin Cities & Up North parts of Minnesota